How can the overall bathroom enterprises maximize the benefits of the alliance?
  • Date:2019-10-28
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There is no doubt that the market competition in the whole bathroom industry is fierce, and the form of competition has extended from the competition of the same brand to the competition among the brand alliances. From the second tier to the three or four line market, the league's price cutting activities emerge in an endless stream, and many of the whole bathroom brands have joined the camp of the alliance. However, for the whole bathroom enterprises participating in the alliance, they also need to master certain skills in order to maximize the benefits of the alliance.

I. Participate in planning as much as possible
The importance of any activity is known only when it is involved in it. The formation of the whole bathroom brand alliance should adhere to the principle and choose a better brand than oneself, so as to drive its own brand influence. Never throw your hands off the cabinet, the overall bathroom enterprises should participate in the planning. In the process of planning, enterprises should take into account their own interests. At the same time, after the formation of the alliance, they need to determine the leader, implement the responsibility and staffing of each brand, and require daily sales reports of cards, as well as reward and punishment mechanism, so as to ensure the effectiveness of the alliance.

2. Market analysis is very important
The whole bathroom enterprises should first carry out a market analysis before brand alliance, and also need to know some information of the previous Alliance for reference, so as to prepare for the next alliance. The whole bathroom alliance combination needs to put forward the form and focus of the alliance according to the situation of local consumers and competition. On the basis of defining the key factors affecting local consumption behavior, and determining the main and secondary channels of customer sources, the planning stage should consider the multi-channel of customer sources in order to reduce the risk.

3. Focus on the Source of Customers
In the current market environment, for all alliance activities, customer source is a very important link. Operations need to strictly control the work content of everyone every day, especially the implementation of district marketing and telephone marketing. To achieve the best results, brand alliances need precise District marketing, and ensure a certain number of sales cards to form popularity. It is not appropriate to invite customers by sending cards. Practice has proved that sending cards often fails to exchange customers'arrival. At the same time, immediate incentive mechanism should be used to achieve better results.

4. Carefully Show Products
Regardless of what kind of venue the alliance is, the whole bathroom brand needs to display products carefully and carefully, so that consumers can make comparisons. Product display should also pay attention to detail management, such as product quality, price tags and so on. At the same time, we should create an atmosphere for the temporary exhibition hall and form a visual impact on consumers, thus increasing the irrational elements of their orders.

In short, the overall alliance between bathroom enterprises need to be cautious, not aimless, enterprises should pay attention to some of the skills of brand alliance, especially attention to details, details determine success or failure.


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