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  • Date:2019-10-25
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The Central Economic Work Conference of 2019 put forward that promoting high-quality development of manufacturing industry and guiding traditional industries to accelerate transformation and upgrading, which ranked as the top seven major tasks of this year. According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, in 2017, the income of manufacturing owners' business in China was 102 trillion yuan. In 2018, the added value of China's manufacturing industry was 26 trillion and 500 billion yuan, up 6.2% compared with the same period last year. From the national development strategy and statistical data, it is fully demonstrated that China's economy is shifting from a high-speed growth stage to a high quality development stage.

In 2019, 70 years after the founding of the People's Republic, we witnessed the prosperity and prosperity of our motherland and were proud of the rise of great powers. 70 years of wind, frost, rain and snow, China's sanitary ware manufacturing and the development of new China rely on each other, coming all the way from scratch, from the best to the best. In the 50-60 century of the last century, how to build a leaky flush toilet has deeply troubled the whole nation. The central government even set up a toilet group to swear to create a "leakproof" toilet.

At present, according to customs data, the output of building sanitary ceramics in China in 2018 is 234 million pieces, and the export of sanitary ceramics in 2018 is 5.049 billion dollars. We have solved the problem of starting from scratch, even exported overseas, and become the "Qualcomm" and "Intel" reserve force of the world's sanitary ware.

China has solved everything from nothing to nothing. But "low price and low quality" products are still flooding the market, "high quality and high price" label seems to be only the patent of international brands.

Should consumers pay for products of high quality and high price for Chinese enterprises? How to correctly judge the quality of a toilet and a flower spray? Consumers have no idea, and businesses are confused. Therefore, we urgently need to promote a clear, fair and equitable quality inspection and certification system, and demonstrate the strength of China's new products with data and facts, so that consumers can have confidence in genuine high-quality domestic products and enable outstanding people to recover their due market value.

"Low Price and Low Quality" Prosperity and "High Quality and High Price" Depression

The quality of bathroom that consumers can't tell apart!

News about lead in taps, leakage of intelligent toilets and explosion of shower rooms often appear around us, which is distressing. The quality of sanitary products is closely related to people's daily life. The quality of sanitary products is directly related to people's safety and health. If the basic quality and quality are not guaranteed, what better life experience can be discussed. Similarly, quality is also the lifeline of enterprises. Enterprises without quality assurance will not be long-term.

The quality of bathroom products can be judged not only by appearance, but also by consumers as non-professional groups. Driven by the interests of the market, all the local enterprises and enterprises are catching up with each other, taking the price as the weapon and the sales volume as the goal, and those enterprises that insist on high quality and high price at the very beginning have been defeated in this vicious competition cycle, and have gradually lost the confidence of adhering to the "high quality and high price".

It is undeniable that the level of China's consumer market is uneven. In order to cater to a large number of low demand people, the products of low quality and low price have flooded the market. The market economy is highly inclusive, and it is reasonable whether it is "low cost" or "high quality NetEase". The healthy development of bathroom industry requires a lot of "low-cost light", as well as the correct guidance of "high quality and high price" to provide better and better products for consumers.

High-quality products may not be perfect, but the products produced by the best equipment, the best industrial design and the best manufacturing raw materials have a safer and more secure quality system than "low quality and low price".

For decades, China's sanitary ware has been driven by market demand, international advanced experience, equipment progress, manufacturing technology upgrading, standardization and rule-based formulation, gradual improvement of market supervision and management system, and continuous efforts of bathroom enterprises themselves. The strength of Chinese sanitary enterprises proves that we have the soft and hard strength of high quality bathroom products.

Establishment of Quality Inspection and Certification Related Mechanisms

Screening Healthy, Safe and High Quality Sanitary Ware Products for Consumers

Focus on quality, quality optimization. We sincerely look forward to the joint state organs, social resources and industry strength to guide the new consumption concept, so that the Chinese sanitary enterprises will have confidence, have the bottom spirit and adhere to the road of "high quality and high price". This is the trend of the national policy and the choice of the market, not the solitude of the two enterprises or associations. We look forward to having a set of mature, quality testing and certification mechanisms to screen healthy, safe and high-quality sanitary products for consumers.

2019 the holding of China bathroom quality conference is a matter of course. In recent years, activities inside and outside the industry have been heard for many entrepreneurs. Nowadays, the industry has passed the period of "bustling" and "doing practical things" is the common voice of the industry.

The quality conference was held to enhance the quality manufacturing of the kitchen industry and get the long-term attention and support of the national government. Secondly, during the process of visiting standardized manufacturing units, quality inspection organizations, trade associations and quality enterprises, we found that all of us were moving in the same direction -- efforts to improve the quality of China's sanitary ware; thirdly, China clean net was in the "boiling cup" Wei. In the process of evaluating the quality and performance of kitchen products, we have screened out a group of truly sinking heart, really doing high-quality bathroom enterprises. They set a benchmark for the development of this industry, providing a mature supply chain, equipment and solutions that can be emulated, so that we have more confidence and responsibility to organize such an event. Because we firmly believe that only the high quality and high price industry belief can usher in a broader quality of Chinese bathroom tomorrow.

During the 2019 China bathroom quality conference, China clean net will release relevant data of "white paper on quality of China bathroom", "2019 bathroom consumption trend and quality analysis report of after-sales service quality" in 2018-2019, to help industry understand the quality of all kinds of products in the whole industry; in addition, we hope to build such a platform to focus on the professional quality of the whole industry. Personnel, to form a joint effort, through data, standards, to reach a consensus of high quality and price, so that consumers can get healthy, safe and high-quality products, at the same time, it also allows more enterprises to adhere to high-quality work gains, get due value returns, thus forming a positive energy trend of industry quality development.

The market is growing, urging the development of China's sanitary ware. On the contrary, the market also needs correct guidance. The future of Chinese sanitary ware will develop towards safety, health and high quality.


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