Talking about the New Pattern of Sanitary Ware Industry in 2019
  • Date:2019-10-26
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In recent years, in some bathroom brands, industry empiricists and professional managers from other industries have come up with strategic arrangements to fight side by side. And the sanitary ware industry has begun to absorb more and more advanced marketing concepts and practices of other industries. Under the increasingly fierce economic competition environment, some new consumer groups have emerged. Indeed, with the gradual rise of consumers'personalized needs, traditional finished sanitary ware has gradually lost its market in the past, and personalized sanitary ware has become an indispensable part of modern home decoration. Therefore, the transformation of bathroom enterprises is a correct choice. Of course, the bathroom industry also needs to innovate and reform to meet the needs of new consumers under the trend of social development. Bo bathroom brand believes that the following aspects are the main manifestations:

Rejuvenation of Sanitary Ware Consumption Group

Consumers are no longer passive. They have begun to talk with distributors and enterprises. They believe that they can change this passive situation through their own strength. Consumers are increasingly distrustful of authority, intuition and word of mouth, and will express their views on products. At the same time, consumers are increasingly aware of the use of legal weapons to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. The rise of consumer groups heralds the arrival of the era of combination of production and marketing. The brand Zhongbo Sanitary Ware believes that paying attention to the new voice of consumers has become the basic condition for sanitary wares enterprises to develop the market.

More Analysis of Sanitary Ware Industry

Sanitary bathroom enterprises need to understand that younger refers to the younger operation mechanism, the younger business model and the younger management concept. As for whether the appearance of sanitary bathroom is welcomed by young people, it mainly depends on whether the design of sanitary bathroom enterprises is in the forefront of the times, and if they follow the steps of others, they will always be a follower. Only by leading the trend can they become the winner of the market. The main reason why the western concept of bathroom is popular among young people is that many of their bathroom designs are original, rather than drifting with the tide. With the pursuit of quality of life by the leading consumer groups of the post-80s and post-90s, personalized trend has arisen. From size to color to material, even personality patterns, storage units and accessories, users have the main control over their own bathroom. And the enterprises that provide customization have found a blue sea in the fiercely competitive bathroom market through customization.
In today's bathroom market, any bathroom products are full of the brilliance of youth, the bathroom industry seems to be gradually younger transition. Bathroom brand Zhongbo thinks that younger is one of the mainstream trends of the bathroom industry in the future. It is good for the whole industry to make rapid changes in the bathroom industry at this time to cater to the market.

Medium and high consumption bathroom market has increased

With the rapid development of China's economy, the middle-class level is growing, and has become the main consumer group of high-and medium-consumption products. This part of the consumer group will have their own choices in their home life. They will make a detailed comparison of the products they need, regardless of whether they are well-known or not. They only care about the quality and reputation. In fact, Bo Sanitary Ware in Sanitary Ware Brand believes that a new concept of consumer market has been quietly popular in the current sanitary wares industry, that is, to meet the needs of middle-income but fashionable consumers and at the same time to meet their purchasing power of the market.

Bathroom design should not follow the usual path

Since the birth of bathroom, simple style has occupied a place in product design. Despite the rise of many design styles in recent years, such as retro style and pastoral style, the dominant position of simple fashion style has not been shaken. When too many functions and decorations become chicken ribs, consumers also have a sense of fatigue to the complex bathroom design. Abandoning the flashy elements and sculpture, the lines are simple and meaningful, and there is no lack of fashion charm. Bathroom design with proper function, structure and design has become the mainstream choice of Chinese families.

Women's consumption occupies a more important position

According to the statistical results of the Nth census, women account for about 48.7% of China's population. Among them, young and middle-aged women aged 20 to 50 who have strong consumption ability and great influence on consumption account for about 21% of the total population. According to the relevant survey, women often play the role of "purchasing officer" in household consumption behavior. Especially in the purchase of household building materials and other consumer goods, wife's opinions often become the key decision-making. Therefore, Zhongbo bathroom brand believes that bathroom enterprises should fully consider and grasp this point in the overall product design process.


Development Trend Analysis of Sanitary Ware Industry


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